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Credits and licensing

GTC is composed of three separate parts: the GTC compiler, the GTC IDE and the GTC standard library. You are free to use these parts separately or in combination.

You can redistribute or modify GTC freely for non-commercial use, as long as you also redistribute the modified source and comply with the licenses of the components you choose to distribute: you cannot redistribute the GTC standard library if you fail to comply with the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL). In addition you may redistribute the GTC standard library under the terms of the GPL license, without restriction on commercial use.

Excluding the standard library, the main author of GTC is Paul Froissart, however GTC would not have been possible without building upon the work of the following contributors.

Standard library

The GTC standard library is a simple recompilation of old versions of the TIGCC library, adapted for usage of a different calling convention. As such it is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, with an exception allowing linking of the library with external programs, and redistribution of the linked programs notwithstanding the provisions of the GPL.

The TIGCC library was written by Zeljko Juric, Thomas Nussbaumer, Sebastian Reichelt, Kevin Kofler and other contributors to the TIGCC project.

Compiler core

The GTC compiler is based on the 68000 and i386 C compiler III.1 by Christoph van Wuellen (1989-1991), itself based on the 68000 compiler by Matthew Brandt (1984-1986).

Compression routines

The -exe mode is based on the PuCrunch algorithm written by Pasi Albert Ojala, and adapted for use on TI calculators by Thomas Nussbaumer.

Object file import

The code to import .o files is based on obj2ti written by Julien Muchembled and further modified by Sebastian Reichelt and Kevin Kofler.


Some people provided significant help without contributing code to the project.

Thanks to Olivier Armand for his FlashAppy patch: since TI has stopped signing Flash applications this is absolutely vital to GTC.

Thanks to vince from the Ti-Fr team for his generous hosting.

Thanks to all the testers who helped uncover bugs.


You will find the latest versions and online documentation on the GTC website:


Please use the feedback form to submit bugs or comments.