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Building GTC

If you use Windows or TI calculators you don't need to build GTC yourself as there are already precompiled versions available.

If you use Unix-like operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X...) you will have to follow these instructions to build GTC yourself.

Building the binaries

You should need no special package apart from GNU make and a C/C++ compiler to build GTC. On Windows you will need Cygwin.

Just type

./configure && make && sudo make install

(replace make with make -j to take advantage of multiprocessor systems).

By default GTC will be installed in /usr/local. If you want to install it in a different directory (for example if you don't have administrator rights), use the following command:

./configure --prefix $HOME/my_directory && make install

Rebuilding a modified GTC

The above instructions are designed to only recompile platform-dependent files and as such have minimal dependencies.

If you want to modify precompiled data such as the precompiled headers you will need extra packages like Perl and possibly Ruby.

Notes for developers

The Makefiles follow these conventions:

  • make clean cleans up intermediary files, but not final files.
  • make distclean cleans up intermediary files and any platform-dependent files.
  • make scratchclean cleans up everything that can be rebuilt. Note: use with care, as if you don't have the right tools installed you are not going to be able to rebuild GTC.

All Makefiles are designed to be safely used with parallel compilation.